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The Art of Visualization in the
BIM Environment

How to Make a Model Come to Life!

Visualizing an architectural project as if it were built has many benefits such as providing the client with a glimpse into the future, a method for reviewing design objectives and concepts, and as a communication tool for the contractor and consultants. Making a visualization really come to life is a true art form.  

In this class you will learn the art of visualizing a project as well as how materials and light can simulate the built environment. Daniel Hruby of Visualize It Built, an experienced visualization professional, will discuss strategies for creating renderings that simulate reality starting with BIM models from ArchiCAD, Revit and DWG's from AutoCAD. He will discuss and demonstrate workflows using Luxology's modo 601 to produce a variety of photorealistic renderings and animations that can be used to visualize interior spaces, architecture and industrial design.


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Daniel Hruby,

Daniel Hruby
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Architect, LEED AP & Founder
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Visualize it Built
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The Art of Visualization in the BIM Environment


Daniel Hruby, Architect, LEED AP is the founder of
Visualize It Built, located in Oakland, CA.

He has 15 years of industry experience and specializes in rendering 3D models in both Maxwell Render and Luxology's Modo. He has worked extensively with local firms such as BAR Architects and Walker Warner Architects. Daniel holds an Environmental Design degree from University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Integrating Material & Light into BIM

Join this DESIGN [realized] Event to:

  • Develop a working understanding of material and light simulation.
  • Evaluate how to simulate the built environment within a BIM workflow using ArchiCAD or Revit as well as with AutoCAD DWG's.
  • Discuss visualization strategies to use the BIM model for light and material simulation.
  • Review how to create higher level renderings and animations using Luxology's modo 601.

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