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Inspire new thinking among your teams by participating in our education program as an in-house group. Your team will have the chance to discuss key learnings and ask questions of our speakers, as well as brainstorm ideas for implementing what they've learned.


  • Each individual must be registered and paid for in order to receive AIA CES credits
  • A group coordinator must verify that all registrants participate in the program and return the sign-in form within 48 hours of the program

To Register:

  • Select the Group Size appropriate for your group
  • Enter the Coordinator information for your office
  • Click the Register button
  • Modify quantity on the Checkout page to reflect number of participants
  • Provide names of students and AIA numbers during check out or submit list of students to

To Participate:

  • Reserve a conference room at the program's designated time
  • Webcast the education program to the group (login details will be provided)
  • Talk over the program among your team and ask questions of the speakers during discussion sessions


Group Options for Seminar
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KAFD Conference Center: An Integrated Design/Analysis Approach

Feb 21, 2013


12:00 pm


2:00 pm

1:00 pm


3:00 pm

2:00 pm


4:00 pm

3:00 pm


5:00 pm

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- Group size: 2 to 5 participants $40
- Group size: 6 to 10 participants $35
- Group size: 11 to 20 participants $30
- Group size: 21 or more participants $25

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If you have questions, call 800-522-0554 or email us at

Host an Event as a Local Venue

Our DESIGN [realized] Events take place in cities around the U.S by utilizing the latest techniques in online education.

We coordinate presentations from leading industry experts webcasts to groups of participants in local offices and venues anound the nation. By participating in one of our events, you will:

  • Learn how other building professionals from around the country approach a project 
  • Get new ideas for incorporating building processes and technology into your work
  • Share building methods and techniques that are applicable locally with other group participants
  • Hear interactive Q&A discussions among presenters and participants around the U.S.

Group Discounts

Inspire new thinking among your teams by exploring the ins and outs of how leading industry professionals achieve significant project goals. By participating in the program as a group, you will have time to share ideas amongst yourselves and the opportunity to interact with our speakers.

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